Pink flowering plants for the garden, these are the 10 nicest

Nature is colorful and flowers are the highlight. Our gardens can therefore be decorated in the most original ways and brightened up with bright colors in almost all seasons. Of course, pink is also part of that. Below you will find 10 of the nicest pink flowering plants for your garden. There are few garden […]

These are the 10 most beautiful red flowering plants for the garden

Warm colors belong in every garden and red is a color that appeals to all of us because of its symbolism. Below are 10 beautiful red flowering plants for your garden. This plant is also known as spur flower. In France you can see these beautiful red flowers everywhere in nature. Sometimes they seem to […]

10 times beautiful blue flowering garden plants

In nature we see both blue in the sky and the water, but with the plants there is less choice in this beautiful color. Nevertheless, also below are 10 interesting blue flowering plants that can also increase the richness of colors in your garden. Take a quick look to see if your favorite blue plant […]